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ADN8831-EVM Application query

Question asked by NidhiSingh on May 31, 2016
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In ADN8831 EVM I want to set setpoint temp as 30 deg Celsius, I have Rmid = 8.05K and R1 has to be set as, R1 = Rmid = 8.05k but R1 pot is not going below 10K. When I checked the Evaluation board schematic I saw a default 10K resistor between TPR1 and TPR123 which means the resistance at R1 will be minimum 10K.

So my question is if I take out this 10K resistor and short it and use only 20K pot at R1 to set resistor value as 8.05K can I achieve 30 deg Celsius setpoint without any other issue or performance degradation in the evaluation board operation?