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Write ADV7625  via BF700

Question asked by SamLiao on May 31, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2016 by GuenterL

with AVES3, write data to ADV7625, It's OK and i can find all  Register Maps and I2C Addresses (In I2C Bus, there are 40 of devices can be connected):

     the Address are: 0x20/0x21(W/R, this is my another device),

                                   0x44/0x45;   0x4E/0x4F;   0x58/0x59;   0x62/0x63;   0x68/0x69;   0x70/0x71;   0x7C/0x7D;                                                        0x7E/0x7F;   0x84/0x85;   0x8C/0x8D;   0x90/0x91;   0x94/0x95;   0xb0/0xb1;   0xb8/0xb9;  

                                   0xc0/0xc1;   0xf0/0xf1;   0xf4/0xf5;   0xf6/0xf7;   0xf8/0xf9;   


ACK WR B0 00 01 B0

ACK WR B0 EC 01 68

ACK WR B0 EF 01 62

ACK WR B0 F0 01 58

ACK WR B0 F2 01 F4

ACK WR B0 F3 01 F6

ACK WR B0 E8 01 44

ACK WR B0 E9 01 94

ACK WR B0 E6 01 4E

ACK WR B0 E7 01 90

ACK WR B0 EA 01 F0

ACK WR B0 F4 01 B8

ACK WR B0 F7 01 70

ACK WR B0 F8 01 80

ACK WR B0 F5 01 7E

ACK WR B0 F6 01 7C

ACK WR B0 F9 01 F9

ACK WR B0 00 01 FC

ACK WR B0 FD 01 8C

ACK WR B0 F8 01 84

ACK WR B0 FB 01 C0

ACK RD B0 00 01 << FC

ACK RD B0 01 01 << 01

ACK RD B0 02 01 << 01



But when i use BF700 to write the same register above, there only 20 of devices is OK.  Why??