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ADRF6755 low temperature test can not be passed, the phase-locked loop can not be locked

Question asked by lwg1994 on May 31, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2016 by LKelly


   I use ADRF6755 in temperatures as low as - 35 degrees, is unable the normal work, phenomenon of the output of frequency and I need the frequency of inconsistent, and missed the 6-7M and lock indicator is not lit, when returned to room temperature 25 degrees, can work normally and output I need frequency, lock indicator light. I have to take 6 boards to do the test, there are four can not be locked, 2 normal lock. Chip batch problem, in addition, the normal and abnormal Vcp ADRF6755 value of the board at room temperature is different. Normal in the 2.2~2.5V, not normal in the following 1.8V. At present already ruled out crystal problem.