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SPI-to-FTDI example - adding digital isolators

Question asked by amf on May 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2016 by emoloney

        I have a question about the SPI-to-FTDI example.  This example shows how to interface the ADuCM350's SPIH port to an FTDI chip, the FT4222H (using FTDI's UMFT4222EV eval board).  I want to add the Analog Devices' ADuM3150 SPIsolator chip (4-ch of digital isolation using on-chip transformers) to this SPI bus.


      The ADuM3150 isolator chip has two extra low-speed channels, which I'm not using.  It also has a "DelayClk" signal, which I'd like to use because it helps with skew between the various SPI signals.


      My question is:  Can I use this feature of the ADuM3150 with my ADuCM350 SPI master?  That is, can you tell me how I would wire this DelayClk signal to the ADuCM350?  The datasheet and application notes for the ADuM3150 aren't very clear about this type of situation (the application notes mostly talk about standalone A/D chips).  There also isn't any forum for the ADuM3150.  Thank you.