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Licence question about use of Sigma Studio

Question asked by mantabernd on May 30, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2016 by mantabernd

Dear Sir or Madam,


I'm actually in the end prototyping state of my new battery powered High Power Class D Amplifier based on a ADAU1702 DSP.

I'm using my own hardware design and I'm using a own USB - I2C dongle for the communication between PC and ADAU1702. This "dongle" is directly on my board, so the USB connector is onboard. The board gets recognised by SigmaStudio as USBi Interface.


Communication works fine, even better than with the original USBi dongle.


I want to deploy a default software to my amplifier, but I also want to give the customer a opportunity to use the USB connector for own DSP setups.


So now my question is what type of possibilities I have in this case? I want to sell the board "as it is" with a default DSP setup, the customer then can download the SigmaStudio from the website and create it's own setups. I will not distribute the software by myself, but I would like to distribute my own default DSP setup for SigmaStudio. Is this ok?


We are talking about a hobbiest project, maximum 20 boards / year.


Thanks for your reply.

Best regards from Germany


Bernhard Waechter