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ADA4860 and Agilent ADS 2014.01 Compatibility Problem

Question asked by 5ARK on May 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2016 by 5ARK

Hi everyone!


I'm trying to simulate a circuit based on ADA4860 op amp in Agilent ADS 2014. I'm using official SPICE model downloaded from Analog Devices website (link:… )


Unfortunately, it seems that the ADA4860 SPICE model doesn't work properly due to compatibility issues.


While importing the SPICE model into ADS, I got these 2 warnings in the import session log:


Reading item definition file "C:\ADS2009/config\spctoiff.cfg"

WARNING: Skipping unrecognized element type: line #167, "s5 nodeplus nodeminus 8 0 smoothsw".

WARNING: Skipping unsupported model type "vswitch", line #175.



Also, while simulating a circuit using an AC or S-parameter simulation, I got this warning in the session log:


Warning detected by hpeesofsim during netlist flattening.

    Resistor `X1.x1.rconv3' is shorted.


Does anyone have an idea how to solve this problem?

Any suggestions are most welcome!


Thank you!