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Xspi getting stuck using VC707 and AD-FMCDAQ2 board

Question asked by naiksanketsanjay on May 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2016 by naiksanketsanjay


I'm using Virtex VC707 platform with AD-FMCDAQ2 card. I've setup the vivado 14.2 project from github. Created bitfile and setup for SDK from Github. After this, when I try to run elf on Microblaze, it gets stuck in XSpi_Transfer() function. When I probed SPI related pins on ILA, it looks like last byte is not transferred completely and clock has stopped. When I terminate the code, it points to

StatusReg = XSpi_GetStatusReg(InstancePtr);

while (((StatusReg & XSP_SR_TX_FULL_MASK) == 0) &&

  (InstancePtr->RemainingBytes > 0)) {



in xspi.c


I tried to check for issue in Xilinx forums but could not resolve it.


Interestingly, if I do step by step debug, I get '0' return status for write operation and I see correct waveform on ILA as well. Any idea what could be cause of this problem?


As per my understanding, the issue is in xspi.c file. Can you point me to correct driver file? I think currently it picks this file from Vivado SDK installation.