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Initializing peripherals - ADuCM302x

Question asked by Dillion on May 26, 2016
Latest reply on May 30, 2016 by Dillion

Hi, new member to the EngineerZone forum.


I recently received an ADuCM3029 board to start working on a project, and one of the key design considerations for this is the speed of execution of the program that will be put on it.  Because of this requirement, I'm writing everything in assembly.  Unfortunately this means that the example programs that came in the BSP aren't terribly useful.


My question is about how to activate and use a peripheral on the board, for example LEDs 3-5 (the amber ones).  I have looked through the included .h files and found the memory addresses that should correspond to the GPIO MMR's, but nothing happens when I write to them.  I've made sure to write to all of the registers that correspond to outputting, and ensured that anything to do with an input is all 0's.  I've also tried reading through the Disassembly for the provided programs using the IAR debugger to try and find what's different between my attempt and the examples that work.


Hopefully there's a simple fix (other than rewriting in C) that sorts this out right away!