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Debug by ADF4159 Muxout

Question asked by Chinghan on May 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2016 by rbrennan

we tried to measure REFin on our developer board. Pk to Pk is 3.76V. We convert to dBm is about 2.3dbm. It fits datasheet -5dBm to 9dBm.

But Input frequency is 100MHZ. The datasheet’s example is under 10MHZ, slew rate > 25V/us.

In our case, we question about what slew rate spec is?



This is our developer board REFin



And we also compare with ADF4159 EVB REFin


Is any problem about our developer board REFin? Or could you give us some suggestions about REFin on developer board?


We have used ADF41549 EVB to connect to Loop filter, VCO and PLL and verify feedback signal. In this experiment, the loop filter to the PLL can be work for sure on our board.


For software, we set up muxout control like DVDD or DGND and what kind of wave or level will we observe?