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ADM2587E temperature limits

Question asked by giaime on May 26, 2016
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I think temperature ratings in ADM2587 datasheet are not clear enough. Is the maximum +85°C temperature referred to ambient, solder, case or junction?


I need to establish if my design is ok from thermal point of view. Due to constraints (air space inside enclosure is too big to set a "specific" ambient temperature) I only have upper (top) case temperature. To estimate safety margin, I would need:

1) maximum junction temperature allowed;

2) thermal resistance j-c (I estimated ~25K/W based on similar SOIC20 packages);

3) typ. power dissipation.


For 3, I read 0.65W typical. What could be the typical power dissipation if the part is only reciving at ~250kbs, and thus trasmitter is disabled?


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