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SHARC 21489 SPI slave boot problem

Question asked by gblair on Jul 21, 2011
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I'm hoping someone can help me!


I am using an ARM cortex M3 to boot my SHARC 21489 device. I am producing a loader file from a some code which flashes some LEDs on an EZ-lite board.


I set the loader to produce a file with the following format:

- include

- 8 bit mode

- SPI slave

- default kernel


I found that I had to reverse the bit order of each byte comming out of the ARM. Once I did this I proved that the kernel was being loaded into memory correctly. However although the kernel is loaded into memory ok, my application does not seem to run, i don't believe its even being loaded into memory properly!


Would anyone know why or how this could happen? If I can load the kernel it proves my physical connection must be ok! I can't think of anything I am doing wrong. I am running the SPI slow to avoid the zero initialisation problems as discussed in the application note EE-`77.


Any help would be apprecaited as I am running out of ideas!


Happy to attach my ARM  code if it will help!