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Question about a DIgital PID control of ADN8833

Question asked by Se-woong on May 25, 2016
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My customer is designing to use ADN8833 in their Optic module.

And they are asking some questions and your advices for implementing a DIgital PID control of ADN8833.

Please refer below questions and let me know your advices ASAP.


Q1) About TEC control with ADN8833 using digital PID

For control the inout voltge of CONT pin, they will refer below equations and figure in datasheet.

Would you confirm whether they can use below contents as for controling the voltage of CONT pin?

      - VVTEC = 1.25 V + 0.25 × (VLDR VSFB), VLDR = VB 40(VCONT 1.25 V), VSFB = VLDR + 5(VCONT 1.25 V),

     - Figure 33

PDF to JPEG 변환용.jpg


Q2)About requesting materias that they can refer to program MCU to control the input voltage of CONT pin (the output of DAC).

Would you provide a simulation data about the output for TEC control as the change of  input voltage values of CONT pin?


Q3) About requesting reference materials related digital PID control for TEC

Would you provide reference materials about digital PID control for TEC that they can refer?

Please confirm above questions and help them.


If you have any questions, please let me know.