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Question about ADV7619

Question asked by WilliamLian Employee on May 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2016 by WilliamLian

In one of customer, ADV7169 be used as below

ADV7619 jump issue 1.png

the ADV7619 HDMI signal comes from DSP, and ADV7619 output is 24bit RGB to FPGA.

The HDMI singal from DSP is fix and gradient grey image, the data changed gradually like FEh,FDh,FCh,FBh....., but when the data convert by ADV7619, customer get data by the FPGA, the channel R with a little 'jump' marked as below in blue circle.

ADV7619 jump issue 2.png


before ADV7619 be used, customer use AD9880, without this issue.

Refer to AD7619 datasheet, custoemr engineer found by adjust INP_COLOR_SPACE to "0000" and PRIM_MODE to 6 can slove the 'jump' issue, but such modification with big impact to the image, can not be as a solution.

Customer need ADI to help on below issue


1. how to solve the 'jump' issue, means ADV7619 just decode the TMDS, don't change any bit.

2. by debug experience, customer think the INP_COLOR_SPACE refer value provide by datasheet is not right, '0000' should be (0~255) and '0001" should be (16~255), need ADI help to confirm.

3. what's the meaning of "HDMI componnent" and "HDMI graphics" of the PRRIM_MODE? and what's the difference?