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ADIS noise comparison

Question asked by andrea.gramazio on May 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2016 by andrea.gramazio

Dear all,

I need to build a stabilizatione device, which requires (customer requirement) the following specifications about noise:

- less than 0.05°/s in [0..150Hz] bandwidth

- less than 0.10°/s in [0..1kHz] bandwidth


Unfortunately, I cannot use filtering to reduce gyro bandwidth and consequently the noise. This application requires a phase delay of about 5° at 15Hz (customer requirement), so I cannot use internal FIR filtering or decimation, due to low gyro sample rate.


I compared the ADIS products in the attached table, but It seems that there aren't suitable ADIS devices.

In the last column, I added the competitors performance: as you can see, the ADIS is better in several key aspects, but for the noise I'm outside the specifications.


Noise is estimated as the following:

- in the 0..1kHz bandwidth, noise = noise_density * sqrt(BW*1.22), where BW is the gyro bandwidth

- in the 0..150Hz bandwidth, noise = noise_density * sqrt(150)


Please, have you any suggestions or help?

Thank in advance and best regards,