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HMC519LC4 supply current

Question asked by sss on May 24, 2016
Latest reply on May 26, 2016 by SMcBride

Hi all,


We evaluated the HMC519LC4 on the custom board, 2set.


But Supply Current (Idd), Gain, P1dB is small.

Then, 2 set is same characteristics.


Measurement data, and (x) is datasheet spec.


Supply Current (Idd):60mA (typ. 75mA)

Gain:10.3dB@27GHz / 8.9dB@31GHz (min. 11.4dB/10.2dB)

P1dB:+5.6dBm@31GHz (min. 9.2dBm)


Gain and P1dB might be the influence of PCB matching circuits,

but we think supply current should not have the effect of PCB matching circuits.


Our question is,

1.Supply Current (Idd):60mA is within min spec. ?

2.HMC519LC4 is the 3-stage amp internaly?

  Each Vdd1,2,3 pin supply the voltage to the each 3-stage amp1,2,3?

3.If we might have damage to any of the pins ,for example to Vdd1

  ,supply current simply reduce to 60mA=75mA*2/3?


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