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(ADV7390)How to AV-Mute & YCbCr output timing.

Question asked by donadona999s on May 24, 2016
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I have two questions about ADV7390.


Our customer is using ADV7390.

SoC => ADV7390 => Monitor

Till SoC start up SoC cannot output correct digital data, so the output from ADV7390 looks not correct image.

So Our customer want to AV-MUTE till SoC start up.

ADV7390 has test pattern but I think it is color-bar pattern.

Is it possible to output 100% black ?

If it is possible , can you tell me to how to do that?



Also can you tell me the time to output correct component analog out signal from the digital data input correct.

I think if the digital data is correct , ADV7390 can output correct analog signal with no delay.

Is my understanding correct?


Best regards