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Request Schematic review and output wave form of AD9834

Question asked by Se-woong on May 24, 2016
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My customer use AD9834 and they ask some questions about output wave form when they measure with Osiloscope.

When they measue the output of AD9834 using TDS5104 Osciloscope with 10s vertical scale, they can get some issue at the output wave form of AD9834.

Please refer below questions and let me know your opinions.


Q1) Would you confirm their schematic (DDS Schematic with AD9834_2016_0524.pdf)?


Q2)Would confirm the output wave form (in Output Wave form of AD9834.jpg) of AD9834?


     In Output Wave form of AD9834.jpg,

        Tektronix TDS5104 is used.

        Yellow wave form is a 5KHz output of function generator.

        Blue wave form is a output of AD9834 IOUTB (TP42 in schematic).

        And these wave forms are measured at 10s vertical scale.


Q3) Would let me know why the output wave form of AD9834 maintain same sine wave  as in small vertical scale even though this picture is measured in 10s vertical scale?

(As you can see, the output wave form of function generator is tuned in to a vertical scale of osciloscope.)



Please advise me.


If you have any questions, please let me know.





PS. I also attach the source code file related the setting of AD9834 from my customer.

      Please refer attached file "AD9834.txt".