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CCES build always rebuilds all files

Question asked by JohnC-vid on May 23, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2016 by Kader.M

(CCES 2.2.0,  building for BF706 , testing on Ez kit mini)

I have a project that always rebuilds every single source file on any variation of build.

If I modify a single file (or even no files) and invoke build, the console initially reports "Incremental build of project xxx", then issues a make all, and every single source file, and the .dxe , are rebuilt.


Even worse, on starting a debug session, the entire process is repeated with the entire project being fully rebuilt all over again!

I'm currently working with a test project with only a few source files, however this will become a significant problem as the project grows to full size.


I cannot make much sense of the makefiles.  All files are on the development computer so it cannot be timestamp differences


Enclosed is a build log from a build invocation after no file changes.

Incidently why is the build log output to such an opaque location rather than the project output directory?


Has anyone else encountered this?


John C