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Single-ended signal circuit design for AD9361

Question asked by plus2000 on May 22, 2016

Due to the RF transformer`s price is too high ,I decided to use single-ended signal path for my design with AD9361. There was two questions :


  1. 1. Single-ended circuit design

In the RxA part, The figure 35 of UG-570 use the RXA_P pin for positive signal input with a capacitor,but the RXA_N pin have a text “OPEN,SHORT,OTHER BAND/PATH” .

The question is : shall I tie the RXA_N to ground or leave it float for Single-ended design?

       In the TxA part, The figure 54 of UG-570 I use the TxA_P pin for signal output to my PA and how can I handle the TxA_N pin , just tie the pin to 1.3V or leave it float?


  1. 2. impedance calculate

What is the impedance for RXA_P and TxA_P pin(Single-ended mode).  50R or other ?? this is very important for PCB line width.