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Not getting Lock in HMC833LP6GE

Question asked by ChetanM on May 23, 2016
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We have designed a board with 5 nos. of HMC833LP6GE and 1 no. of



The reference frequency for all of the 6 PLL devices is 100MHz.


We need to generate several frequencies from the above devices. We tried

generating 2000MHz, 2700MHz etc in integer mode but we are not getting lock.


We are configuring HMC833 with the following:




0x1                         0x2


0x2                         0x1


0x5                         0x1628


0x5                         0x60a0


0x5                         0x0


0x6                         0x3ca


0x7                         0x14d


0x8                         0xc1beff


0x9                         0x003264


0xa                         0x2046


0xb                         0x7c1e1


0xc                         0x0


0xd                         0x0


0xe                         0x0


0xf                          0x1


0x3                         0x1b




Please suggest on the above configuration and appropriate settings to

achieve lock.






Chetan Maheshwari


CoreEl technologies