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ADAU1451 TDM Output ports

Question asked by KFJsystems on May 21, 2016
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I am making a project with a ADAU1451 DSP and a ADAU1966-16CH DAC and I would just like to have a few things cleared up before I go to making PCBs.


I would like to run the ADAU1966 in TDM4 mode, wich means I use 4 SDATA pins on the DSP, but can I just use the LRCLK and BCLK from SDATA_OUT0 port? and all the other dataports should follow the first? (same timing?)


If so what has to be setup in the Serial Output Ports menu? and  can I use the multipurpose pins that normally are LRCLK (MP5, 8, 9)? I have attached a picture showing the pins from the DSP to the DAC to hopefully make sense. 


I Hope I have made myself understandable otherwise please ask


- Kenneth