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Interfacing ADV7611 to BF-609

Question asked by mutgan on May 20, 2016
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I have successfully modified the Frame Capture example for BF609/EI3 VIDEO Decode evaluation board where I capture the frame from source, convert to jpg and write to SD Card with CCES. 


Now I am trying to migrate the code for our custom board which uses ADV7611 instead of ADV7842. I have managed to init ADV7611 and detect the signal source. I even compared the SYNCH signals with the evaluation board and it seems match see my final post  on .


I cannot manage to get any data from the EPPI0 the images that I save to SD card are only green, means they are blank.  Is there any custom reset values to init the EPPI0. Can it be the DDR2 not working.


I appreciate any hints.


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