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AD9625 Reset

Question asked by SCO on May 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2016 by JudyChui

To perform a reset of AD9625 using SPI I write at 0x000 0x24

Is it necessary to use transfer register to perform this reset ? (On which address range transfer register must be used ?)




PS : In datasheet Rev B, a reset sequence is proposed but last register adress seems to be incorrect.

To correct this, an initialization sequence must be invoked after the ADC clock is stable or any change in the sampling clock frequency is made. By issuing a digital reset via Register 0x00. The pseudo code sequence for a digital reset is as follows:

#Stable Clock at the input to the AD9625

SPI_Write (0x00, 0x3C); # Reset

SPI_Write (0x080 0xFF) #SPI register transfer

#Write further configurations