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migration from ADAU1701 to ADAU1450

Question asked by wygonski on May 20, 2016
Latest reply on May 23, 2016 by DaveThib

We have a product based on the ADAU1701 and a microcontroller.   The microcontroller uses SPI to load the DSP program and update parameters on the fly using hardware safeload writes.


We are considering migrating to the ADAU1450, and we are wondering what the impact of the migration is for our base of microcontroller firmware and SigmaDSP programs.  I understand that the ADAU1450 has different I/O requireing some code changes.   However, I have read here in the forum that SigmaDSP programs may need to be rewritten because of differences in SigmaStudio processing blocks, and that some SigmaDSP processors have software safeload write mechanism while the ADAU1701 has hardware safeload write.


Can anyone weigh in on whether our SigmaDSP code can be reused, if our microcontroller code (program load and parameter control) needs to change?   Are there any other software impacts that need to be considered?