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GNURadio and AD-FMCOMMS4 Cyclic option set to false does not work

Question asked by phenry on May 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2016 by phenry

Hi Paul,


Working on a audio streaming project using GNURadio and AD_FMCOMMS4.

We are seeing the same issues as reported in this thread.


"I've also had issues on transmit using the GNURadio FMCOMMS2 transmit module. I found that when the cyclic option is not specified in the transmitter, only the first buffer of data is played out. When cyclic is specified, the first buffer is played out and repeated, so no new data can ever be played out. I strongly suspect this is not expected behavior, so has anyone seen this as well, or does anyone know what might cause this?"


We are using the latest 2015_R2 branch for the kernel but still see the same issue packets not going through if Cyclic option is set to false.

Any suggestions?