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Hi everybody!!!


I have a question about the ADG1404.


I have this switch that are powered with +/- 15 V gived by a dc/dc converter (Traco TMA0515D).

Two of the four input are connected to two voltage divider and one to a resistor while the last is disconntected.

The first two input are voltage signals, while the third input it's a current signal ( 0 - 20 mA) that goes inside the resistor and create a voltage that crossing the switching.

The problem that i have it's that when switch to the current input, after a while, the switch it's breaks ( short circuit between Vdd and Vss). This event happened with 3 switch, and always with the current input and never with the two voltage input!!

The value of the resistor that i have it's 160 ohm ( to limit the max voltage about to 3,2 V ), while the value of the voltage divider it's 200 K about ( always to limit the max voltage to 3,2V).




Any advice?