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HMC788A based wide band amplifiers

Question asked by Bach on May 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2016 by Bach

Hello, I have an issue with wide band amplifiers I have built using the HMC788A biased via a TCBT-14R+ (minicircuits).

Power supply is 5V (via a 1.8ohm resistor to the TCBT-14R+ Bias Tee )

Input connected to antenna via a series 10nF capacitor only.

3X 0.2mm VIAs under the package connected to ground plane.

Working temperature stabilizes around 60°C after a few minutes


The problem is that during normal operation, some amplifiers starts drawing a high current (about 400mA) then gets damaged after a few seconds. This happens randomly.


Do you have any idea what may cause that issue?



PCB Layout picture: