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What are possible causes of EXCAUSE 0x24?

Question asked by Rusty on Jul 20, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2011 by Rusty

I have a fairly complicated project that has been working fine up until now.  I have tried to add the FSS to the project and I get User Exception 0x24 thrown in all kinds of odd places.  It seems to be timing related because if I let the program run I get the exception in the same place every time, but if I'm stepping through code, I get it at a different spot earlier in the code.


I've seen other posts that say this happens when the EBIU isn't configured properly for the SDRAM.  Nothing changes the EBIU between the working version and the non-working version.  Here is my setup description:


BF548 at 400MHz and 50MHz (SCLK)

SDRAM - 2 x 32M x 16 MT48LC32M16A2 (Same part as EZkit just two banks using bank select pin)


EBIU is reset by XML file to:

EBIU_DRRCTL0: 10C50185

EBIU_DRRCTL1: 20026111

EBIU_DRRCTL2: 00000021

EBIU_DRRCTL3: 00000003

EBIU_DDRQUE: 00000115

EBIU_ERRADD: 00000000




These values are the same values that are set in adi_ssl_Init.c for the EZKit with the exception of the number of banks set to 1 (which is two banks according to documentation)


system stack is 16k in L2

system heap is 4M in L3

I have made a FSSGeneralHeap which is 4M in L3 to try to isolate the problem (and changed the GeneralHeapID to heap_lookup(3) in adi_fss_Init which is the correct heap id) but no difference.


Any thoguhts or ideas?