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AD9833 Output Voltage

Question asked by dimf99 on May 19, 2016
Latest reply on May 20, 2016 by NijagunAradhya

Hi everyone!

I try to use the AD9833 to generate a sine waves with a frequency: 1kHz - 5 Mhz. It is important for my application that the amplitude of the sine waves with the frequency changing keeps a constant value. I wrote the Examplecode for changing from 500 kHz to 3 Mhz with a 100kHz step and discovered that Vpp changes about 100 mV. Is that OK, or make I something wrong? Also I wanted to ask: the sine wave, that I become, ranges from 40 mV to 600 mV. So it is a DC voltage, I've thought that it has to be an AC voltage...  

I'm a very new in electonic and I will be very grateful if somebody explain me what am I doing wrong...


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