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Tuning sampling rate to AD9517-4 AD9467 for high frequency input

Question asked by marrot on May 18, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2016 by larsc


i'm working with ZC702 and two FMC-cards: AD9739a (Transmitter) and AD9467 (Receiver). The hardware works in general and so i can pretend signals up to 1,25 GHZ directly via cable from AD9739a to AD9467 with the help of ADI IIO Oscilloscope.

My goal is to start a comunication between both and need signal frequency around 30 MHz.


So with frequency up to 1 MHz, the presentability with AD9467 works fine:




But with higher frequencies (here 30MHz) the resolution is not good enough for this signal.




I think the sampling rate of AD9467 isn't proper. I allready checked the out_altvoltage0_frequency with max. value 250000000. So how can i setup this or fix the problem? Is there a solution in ADI IIO Oscilloscope and also for usage with Matlab Simulink?


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