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How can I listen to FM clearly with AD9361+zc706?

Question asked by michale_tt on May 18, 2016
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How to observe the FM band with an AD9361 FM-COMMS3-EBZ board on zc706?


My experiment platform is ADI linux + Xilinx zc706 ,which contains the iio_fm_radio and iio_fm_radio_play tools.I was trying to listen an FM program according to the instructions on HowTo: observe the FM band with an AD9361-equipped board [Analog Devices Wiki].

Consequently,  I heard something like "peng peng chi chi" from the output of zc706 HDMI after I

used iio_fm_radio_play 99.3 which is one FM broadcast  frequency in ChongQin.It is the same result

when I use iio_fm_radio 99.3 | aplay -r 48000 -f S16.

How can I listen to FM clearly?



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