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Error running ad9361-iiostream example

Question asked by amy_s on May 18, 2016
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I am using a Zedboard and AD-FMCOMMS2-EBZ and trying to run the ad9361-iiostream example in /usr/local/src/libiio/examples as a starting point for writing my own application.

When I make and run the example, I get the following error:

root@analog:/usr/local/src/libiio/examples# make clean

rm -f ad9361-iiostream iio-monitor ad9361-iiostream.o iio-monitor.o

root@analog:/usr/local/src/libiio/examples# make ad9361-iiostream

cc -Wall   -c -o ad9361-iiostream.o ad9361-iiostream.c

cc -o ad9361-iiostream ad9361-iiostream.o  -liio



root@analog:/usr/local/src/libiio/examples# ./ad9361-iiostream

* Acquiring IIO context

* Acquiring AD9361 streaming devices

* Configuring AD9361 for stad9361 spi32766.0: ad9361_calculate_rf_clock_chain: Failed to find suitable dividers: ADC clock below limit


* Acquiring AD9361 phy channel 0

Error -22 writing to channel "sampling_frequency"

value may not be supported.

* Destroying buffers

* Disabling streaming channels

* Destroying context


I have run, and also, which ended with the following message.


CURRENT VERSION: boot_2015_r2_2016_03_15

NEW VERSION    : boot_2015_r1_2015_11_02

The current version is newer than the one that can be downloaded


The image I'm running on the SD card is from