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ADXRS290: how to convert 16-bit sensor value to degrees-per-second.

Question asked by spye on May 18, 2016
Latest reply on May 18, 2016 by NevadaMark

Hi, first time using a gyroscope so please excuse my newbiness.  The datasheet says that full-scale is +- 100 degrees per second.  This makes me think that the raw value 32767 corresponds to +100 degrees/second and -32768 corresponds to -100 degrees/second.  And if this is true, then presumably 328 corresponds to 1 degree/second, and 655 corresponds to 2 degrees/second, etc.  But the datasheet also says the sensitivity is 200 LSB/degree/second.  When I first read that I assumed it meant that the raw value 200 corresponded to 1 degree/second, and 400 corresponds to 2 degrees per second, etc.  So I'm wrong on at least one of my interpretations of the datasheet (and likely wrong on both).  Can somebody please explain how to convert the 16-bit sensor value into a degrees-per-second value?


Thank you.