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analyzing digital RX out data from Zedboard

Question asked by micanis on May 17, 2016
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I am using FMCOMMS3 connected to Zedboard. I have generated LTE test signal by Matlab LTE toolbox, played it  through the fmcomms3, looped it back to RX and saw a correct LTE signal in frequency domain in the IIO Scope analyzer. then i captured the signal, saved it in mat-file, opened the file in Matlab and found two vectors which I guess  I and Q. My goal is to draw constellation and calculate EVM. now I have two questions:

1. the captured vectors - are they I and Q after decoding or before?

2. what are logical and mathematical actions  should I do with these vectors in order to get  real I and Q values of every symbol and finally to draw constellation and calculate EVM?

Best Regards, Michael.