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AD5290 maximum logic input

Question asked by APUC on May 16, 2016
Latest reply on May 16, 2016 by msamera

Hi, I used yours AD5290 as volume control in a power amplifier.

I already have used your AD7376 in an old project and I connected the SPI link to the +15V by means of a pullup resistor..

When I used the AD5290 I also conncted the SPI to the +15V with a pullup resistor of 6800 Ohm.... Today by chance I discovered that the maximum voltage on these pins is 7V. The amplifier and the volume control works perfecly (I already monted 3 pieces that works for hours without any problem). Moreover in the schematics of your AD5290 evaluation board you connect the SDO pin to VDD (with a R = 2200) that can be powered up to 15V. In your experience is there any problem using the chip like this (I kwow that this is out of your absolute maximum rating...)? How much the reliability is worstened?