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CLDP error "AFP_BreakReady" not found for ADSP-SC584 ezboard

Question asked by wakeup on May 16, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2016 by Kader.M



I'm trying to load the example Power_On_Self_Test onto the ADSP-SC584 Ezboard to understand the process needed to generate a Hex Image and then load it through CLDP to flash it into the SPI Flash.


I've compiled the Power_On_Self_Text sample to create a loader image, and also the Device_Programmer sample to create a debug and release dxe image. When I use CLDP to trigger the updating using the following command, I always get the error  : failed to resolve symbol "AFP_BreakReady", follow by error : driver load failed.


I've tried using both the debug and release dxe for the sc584_w25q128fv_dpia_Core0 device programmer and the error is the same. Please advise on what could be wrong and the settings that I should look into.


CLDP command

cldp -proc ADSP-SC584 -emu 1000 -driver D:\Src\CCES\2.1.0\Device_Programmer\sc584\sharc\sc584_w25q128fv_dpia_Core0\Release\sc584_w25q128fv_dpia_Core0 -cmd prog -erase affected -format hex -file SC584_Power_On_Self_Test_Core0.ldr -cmd compare -format hex -file SC584_Power_On_Self_Test_Core0.ldr