Question for HMC6000/HMC6001/HMC6300/HMC6301/HMC6450

Discussion created by Keiichi.Okuji Employee on May 15, 2016


One of my customer is interested in HMC6000/HMC6001 for sensor unit of the automatic door. I already informed them HMC6000/HMC6001 is in EOL status and HMC6300/HMC6301 will be released insted of them. Could you let me know some information below?


1) Availablity of  price information and of HMC6300/HMC6301 evaluation kit.

2) Datasheet for HMC6300/HMC6301


And some more for the HMC6450


3) Is HMC6450 available now? I heard it would be available until Oct. 2016. Is this correct?

4) How much the price of HMC6450?

5) Could you let me know about the evaluation SW? Can this evaluation SW draw the distance data from I/Q output from receiver after FFT?


Keiichi Okuji

TSM @Regional Sales Group Analog Devices K.K.