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Multiplexing AD7746's using the same excitation signal?

Question asked by garyjunior94 on May 14, 2016
Latest reply on May 16, 2016 by garyjunior94

Hello all!

I currently have 3 AD7746's going through a multiplexer. I essentially have 1 larger, raised capacitor pad which is connected to EXCA of the first AD7746 and sits above 5 other capacitor pads. These 5 capacitor pads are connected to the CIN1+ and CIN2+ of the additional AD7746's and these are the values I would like to read.

Is it possible for me to connect 1 EXCA signal of the first AD7746 and have it remain exciting this top copper pad even when I multiplex to read the data from the other AD7746's?

Essentially, I'm asking if the EXCA signal deactivates when multiplexing occurs? Or will the excitation signal keep going even when I switch to the next 7746?

Thank you!!