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ADG5206/1206 current consumption and rise times

Question asked by thirtyone on May 12, 2016
Latest reply on May 13, 2016 by Davidforde


I'm planning on designing in the ADG5206/1206 for a low power, low leakage measurement application. The digital inputs to the ADG5206 or ADG1206 (still balancing power consumption / leakage requirements) are isolated, so ideally I could output slow rise time signals (~1-3us). Is this a problem for these switches? Should I expect significant glitching with one or both of these analog switches with such slow rise times? The switch is going to be powered at +/-15V (or 30V single supply, depending on digital requirements or the answer to this question)


Additionally, I noticed that the ADG1206 has a very different I/O structure than the ADG5206, and consumes a huge amount of current when the digital inputs aren't GND or VDD. If I use a 5V logic voltage (with +/-15V) or 15V logic voltage (with +30V/0V supply), will the ADG5206 have a similar issue?


Basically, I'm trying to design a battery powered, fully isolated switch system switching moderately high voltage (<30V) signals, and it is going to be difficult to replace the batteries, so I'm trying to keep all the leakage currents very low throughout the system (including regulators, etc.)