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FMCOMMS2 - reset cpack when DMAC dest is disabled?

Question asked by njp on May 12, 2016
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I'm using the AD9361/Zynq in an RX only design, but I only use 1 of the RX ports enabled (I use iio_channel_disable() on the I and Q of the other port). In my FPGA logic, I have multiple filters that I mux between into the single RX DMA port. Because I'm only using one of the channels though and the util_cpack block is setup for 4 channels (64 bits), I often see that my first 32-bit value received in the DMA buffer (from iio_buffer_refill) can be stale data from before a mux switch. For this reason I'd like to request that the cpack (and possibly upack for those doing TX stuff) be reset when the DMAC is disabled.