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AD9361 REF_CLK issues

Question asked by Mathieu34 on May 12, 2016
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My problem is propably dumb as it is similar to older posts, such as :

AD9361 Reference oscillator frequency change on AD-FMCOMMS3-EBZ  and

I am still struggling to use a 20 MHz reference (it can be any reference) on the SMA port REF_CLK on the fmcomms3 board.

I followed Lars 's indications, recompiled the kernel and modify the clock-frequency attribute in the devicetree.


The problems appear when I use IIO oscilloscope application, the board seems to start fine (i.e. no SPI timeout on console when changing LO), however when I try to capture data on a plot, I can't select any channels, i.e. the list "cf-ad9361-lpc" does not appear and therefore voltage channels are not selectable.



I do think there is a problem with the driver, and I probably made a stupid mistake building the kernel Building the 2014_R2 release Linux kernel and devicetrees from source [Analog Devices Wiki]


Some indications on my setup :

- i "checkouted" the 2014_R2 branch

- my vivado version is 2014.2, 32 bit version



Thanks in advance !

- Mathieu


PS : I used the SD image out off the box with a 40 MHz external reference and it worked perfectly fine, with the new compiled image, I can't even use that reference too.