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(ADV7611)Does ADV7611 support BT.601?

Question asked by donadona999s on May 12, 2016
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I have few question about ADV7611.

One of our customer want to design the system kind of this.

HDMI-player =>(HDMI)=> ADV7611 =>(YCbCr 8bits)=> DS90UB913 =>(FPDLink3)=> Display



At the datasheet. I can read that ADV7611 can support BT.656.

But I couldn't find that ADV7611 can support BT.601, so with my understanding , ADV7611 can't support BT.601.

Is my understanding correct?



Also as I asked ((HDMI-RX)Connect the source-device with no HDCP. ) , if the input signal

don't have HDCP ,ADV7611 can output BT.656.

Is my understanding correct?


Best regards.