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Using VDK and Device driver together?

Question asked by Schamman on Jul 19, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2011 by CraigG

I am learning VDK on the EZ-Kit BF533.  I made  a VDK project achieving the same function with the UART example in VDSP .

and I met some problems while using VDK , ssl and Device driver together.

I have two threads,  UARTRead, UARTWrite.

I called VDK's API to open  device VDK::OpenDevice(kUART1, "R");

I make use of Device Driver's API  adi_dev_Open(), adi_dev_Control() to open and config UART.

When I send words to UART by hyperterminal . it causes  Kenel panic () , the Kenel Staus is kISRError?

and from the VDK histroy windows the UART1Read thread  control the CPU all the time.

the Pending  function in the Thread (VDK::PendSemaphore(kReadSemaphore,0) )never run
if I comment out adi_dev_Control(UART1DriverHandle, ADI_DEV_CMD_SET_DATAFLOW, (void *)TRUE);

the schedule becomes normal, idle thread takes control of CPU . but the program won't do the function as I wished .

Could some one help me ?

my codes is in the attachment.