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AD9739A Eval Card Documentation Questions

Question asked by Marv on May 11, 2016
Latest reply on May 13, 2016 by Marv



     I downloaded the AD9739A Evaluation Card reference design package but there a few things missing.


1 - The SDK_Workspace/sw/src directory is empty.  The Quick Start documentation on the web site show about 10 or so files in this directory.  Where are these files?


2 - There seems to be some hardware source file missing from the Reference Design download.  I could not find the top level design file that shows the MicroBlaze processor being instanced.  Where can I get a complete set of FPGA source files (verilog/vhdl).  There are probably other files missing but I haven't tried to build this project so I don't know


3 - Just a quick note, the web page indicates that ISE 14.4 is required.   The file _axi_dac_1c_2p_xst.prj is pointing to files located in ISE13.4.


      Thanks for helping.