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ADV7513 Error in Video ID Code

Question asked by Geoff65 on May 11, 2016
Latest reply on May 13, 2016 by JeyasudhaMuthuPerumal



We are testing various HDMI output modes for the ADV7513 - and have found what appears to be a bug in the Video ID Code generated for video format 1920x1080p25.


HDMI output formats are being generated exactly as per CEA-861-D standard by a FPGA with extremely stable power supplies and clocks.


1440x576p @ 50Hz output format is correctly identified by the ADV7513 as VIC#30 - since Reg 0x3E(7..2)=011110  (OK)

1920x1080 @ 60Hz output format is correctly identified by the ADV7513 as VIC#16 - since Reg 0x3E(7..2)=010000 (OK)


However, 1920x1080 @25Hz output format is NOT correctly identified by the ADV7513.

The value read from Reg 0x3E(7..2) is 011111  which identifies the video stream as 1920x1080 @ 50Hz  (incorrect)

The ADV7513 should identify the video signals as VIC#33 - and should return the value of Reg 0x3E(7..2) as 100001.


To confirm that the 1920x1080 @25Hz video format is being generated correctly, the output from the ADV7513 was passed into a monitor, which does correctly identify the signal as 1920x1080 @ 25Hz.


Can anyone confirm that the ADV7513 is returning an incorrect Video ID Code for 1920x1080p25 ?


Thank you.