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ADV7842 DLL_PHASE[5:0] Selection

Question asked by wood0201 on Jul 18, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2011 by GuenterL

Are there any tools within the ADV7842 that can be utilized to select the best DLL_PHASE[5:0]?


Our current board uses an AD9984A to accept analog RGB and outputs the digital data to an FPGA on the back-end.  In the FPGA we analyze the color contrast of the data coming out of the AD9984A while sweeping across all ADC clock phase adjust values of the AD9984A.  Then we set the AD9984A to the phase which the FPGA measured to have the most color contrast in the digital data.  On our new design the ADV7842 is replacing the AD9984A but we'd like to eliminate the FPGA on the back-end.  However, we still need a way to best set the DLL_PHASE[5:0] on the fly.  Is there a way to determine the best DLL_PHASE[5:0] to use by reading other registers in the ADV7842 or does the task of selecting the best phase extend beyond the ADV7842 as it did for the AD9984A?