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loader cannot find .dxe file

Question asked by JohnC-vid on May 10, 2016
Latest reply on May 17, 2016 by JohnC-vid

CCES 2.2.0.

I just changed the build artifact from executable to Loader File

Loader cannot find the dxe that has just been built - it is present in the debug directory


I suspect this may be due to the project name having a space in the name. Note different format of input and output on command line for elfloader.


'Invoking: CrossCore Blackfin Linker'

ccblkfn.exe -proc ADSP-BF706 -si-revision 1.0 -TC:/Documents\ and\ Settings/Administrator/My\ Documents/test706/Mon\ 70x/system/startup_ldf/app.ldf -no-mem -map Mon\ -LC:/Documents\ and\ Settings/Administrator/My\ Documents/test706/Mon\ 70x/Debug/system/startup_ldf -flags-link -MDDEBUG,-MDCORE0 -flags-link -e -add-debug-libpaths -o Mon\ 70x.dxe ./system/startup_ldf/app_cplbtab.doj ./system/startup_ldf/app_handler_table.doj ./system/startup_ldf/app_heaptab.doj ./system/startup_ldf/app_startup.doj  ./system/pinmux/GeneratedSources/pinmux_config.doj  ./system/adi_initialize.doj  ./src/charIO.doj ./src/main.doj ./src/minimon.doj ./src/mon_funcs.doj   ../system/startup_ldf/app.ldf   -flags-link -od,.\.

'Finished building: Mon 70x.dxe'

' '

'Building target: Mon 70x.ldr'

'Invoking: CrossCore Blackfin Loader'

elfloader.exe -v -proc ADSP-BF706 -si-revision 1.0 -b SPI -f hex -width 8 -bcode 1 -o "Mon 70x.ldr"  Mon\ 70x.dxe

[Error ld0095]: Unable to open file: .dxe.

make: *** [Mon 70x.ldr] Error -1