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CN0234 evaluation card

Question asked by LaurentPerrault on May 10, 2016



I want to be able to measure carbon monoxide concentration.
To be able to make this measurement, I bought 2 times the following cards: EVAL-CN0234-SDPZ REV 2 (on the rear side a sticker indicate 1.0)  and EVAL-SDP-CB1Z REV 1.3 (on the rear side a sticker indicate 1.7).


I installed the demo software, I connected the 2 boards together (using the SDP adapter), placed 2 batteries on the EVAL-CN0234-SDPZ board as required. I connected those to the computer. The witch for the power is turned ON.
The cards are recognised by the computer but the result stays all the time at the minimum value which is -3.34E+3PPM. After a zero calibration, the values stay always at 0PPM. There are no variation at all. I made a little cotton fire just to verify if the indicated value increases but it was not the case.

Do you have an explanation? I have the same phenomenon with the 2 pairs of boards I bought.


I have seen that some components (visible on the schematic) are not mounted on the EVAL-CN0234-SDPZ board (on the front PCB) but there are components at the rear side which seem to have the same functionality. Is it possible that the boards need some hand made modifications to function or is there a special thing to do to permit that the boards start to function ?


I have another question: is it possible to receive the .vi software version instead of .exe ?


Thanks in advance for your help,


Laurent Perrault