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ADG726 direction controlling and working

Question asked by deepak-vadavoor on May 10, 2016
Latest reply on May 12, 2016 by deepak-vadavoor

In our design, we are using Dual 16 channel analog MUX ADG726BSUZ. Please give us some more information regarding the question posted below

  1. What is the use of signal /WR? Is it helpful in determining the data flow direction? That is, if the data have to flow from SXA to DA OR  from DA to SXA?
  2. How can we control the data transfer direction. For example if the switch 2 of the MUX A is selected, then how the data is transferred from S2A to DA and vice-versa (ie from DA to S2A).
  3. Is it possible to operate two 16 channel MUXs (MUX A and MUX B) separately.
  4. If we choose VDD=2.5V, what is the value of noise margin VINH and VINL.