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ADD5211 String fail

Question asked by RobertOl on May 10, 2016
Latest reply on May 22, 2016 by RobertOl

Hey all!


Some time ago I was looking for a backlight driver solution and successfully use the ADD5211 now.
We've made over 100 PCBs using the circuit and today one came back which doesn't work anymore.

The ADD5211 goes into faulty state and stops working.

I've measured the string voltages, all but one are around 46V, the faulty string is around 2.3V (probes on the LED driving voltage right after the Schottky diode and each feedback pin of the ADD)


What can cause a single string to fail? I suppose the ADD5211 on the PCB itself is faulty, the LCD panel work with another board.

Could this be caused by a too warm environment?


Thanks for any advice and with best regards,